Welcome to Dalatrafik

Dalatrafik is responsible for public transport in the county of Dalarna. Every day, up to 60 000 customers choose to travel by bus and rail. By developing and offering sustainable travels and smart services, we want you to choose to travel with us. Welcome on board.

Are you a Ukrainian citizen?

  • Your Ukrainian passport or identity card is valid as a ticket when travelling with bus in the county of Dalarna. This applies until 18 september 2023. 
  • Show your Ukrainian passport or identity card to the driver on the bus.

Чи є ви громадянином України?

  • Ваш український паспорт або посвідчення особи дійсні в якості квитка, коли ви їздите на автобусах компанії Далатрафік. Це правило діє до 18 вересня 2023 року.
  • Пред'явіть свій паспорт або посвідчення особи водієві автобуса.

Вы гражданин Украины?

  • Ваш украинский паспорт или удостоверение личности действительны в качестве билета для проезда на автобусах Dalatrafik. Решение действует до 18 сентября года.
  • Покажите свой паспорт или удостоверение личности водителю автобуса.

Plan your journey

Where do you want to travel? Fill in your start and end point in the Journey planner to find out how to get to your destination. You can also contact our customer service for help.

Customer Service

Telephone: 0771-95 95 95
Open: Monday-Friday 7.00 a.m. -6.00 p.m.
E-mail: kundservice@dalatrafik.se


We have a wide range of tickets and bus passes. Your age, travelling zone and where/how you purchase your ticket/bus pass affects the price. Please contact our customer service to find out what alternative is best for you.

You can buy tickets and bus passes from our ticket machines, our agents, webshop and the Dalatrafik app.

Download our Dalatrafik app to both plan a journey and to buy a ticket directly in your phone.


Search by service number or by location on our website Tidtabeller (Timetables).

Transportation service

If you have certain disabilities you can apply for a pass so that you can travel by Färdtjänst (Transportation service).

Contact Färdtjänst (Transportation service) to apply for a pass:

Monday-Friday: 10.00-12.00
Telephone: 010-248 11 60
E-mail: fardtjanst@dalatrafik.se

Contact Beställningscentral (Contact center) to book a journey:

Telephone: 0774-44 00 00 (day and night, every day)
E-mail: bokning@dalatrafik.se

Patient transport

You can travel for free by public transport to healthcare. Show your medical appointment letter or receipt to the bus driver. You can also have the right to be refunded for your expenses if you travel by car.

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