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A Travel Card (Resekort) that is topped up with credit (reskassa) is best if you only travel now and again.
You can top up your Travel Card (Resekort) with any credit amount you like between SEK 100 and SEK 4000.
Credit (reskassa) always gives you 20 % discount when you buy one-way tickets.
Young people aged 20 - 25 get a bigger discount (38 %) as with credit (reskassa) they pay the same price for one-way tickets as schoolchildren aged 7-19.

Credit (reskassa) can be topped up on board the bus, and at Dalatrafik’s points of sale, and in our ticket machines.

Credit (reskassa) can be used to buy several one-way tickets or group tickets.

With topping up of a period, credit (reskassa) can be used as payment but there is no discount.

When you buy a new Travel Card (Resekort) you must pay a card fee of SEK 30.