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The price of your journey depends on where and how far you travel. Dalarna is divided into price areas (zones). If you travel within a single zone you pay a basic charge. When you travel across a zone boundary you pay a zone supplement.

Basic charge, 1 zone costs SEK 25
Supplement per zone is SEK 10

YOUNG PEOPLE aged 20-25 and ADULTS aged 26 and over
Basic charge, 1 zone costs SEK 30
Supplement per zone is SEK 15

With credit (reskassa) you get 20 % discount on the price of a one-way ticket.
If you are a young person aged 20-25, you get 38% discount if you use your credit (reskassa).

A ticket for 1 zone is valid for an unlimited number of journeys within the zone and within the time limits stated on the ticket.

A ticket for several zones is valid for journeys between the zones and until the time stated on the ticket. You can stop off during the journey. The period of time the ticket is valid for depends on the number of zones between the starting point and the destination stop. The ticket is not valid for a return journey to the zone where you started the journey.

Get a ticket for the entire journey
If you want to change and continue your journey with one of Dalatrafik’s buses you should state your end destination when you acquire the ticket. Then you will get the lowest price.

Keep the ticket
The driver will make sure that you get a ticket or card registration. But as passenger you must keep your ticket or proof of payment so that you can show it if there is a check. If you do not have a ticket or proof of payment you must pay the cost of the journey plus an inspection fee of SEK 700 (plus an administration charge).